Kids' Author Writes of the Wonder of Nature

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NORWALK, Conn. – After watching two squirrels playing together during a walk around her neighborhood, Allia Zobel Nolan came up with the idea for her most recent book, “Thank You, God, From Kids Around the World.”

“People are missing things,” the Norwalk resident said, as they become more and more dependent on technology. She hopes her book will help children and adults better appreciate nature. “These [encounters with nature] are the type of things you can’t get on television,” she said.

“Thank You, God” (the video above is the trailer for the book) is an introduction to God and diversity for children ages 3 to 6, Nolan said. It takes the reader around the world to such countries as Australia, Ireland and Holland to show what children around the world are thankful for.

“God made everybody a little different, and that’s a good thing,” she said of her message.

Nolan grew up in Queens, N.Y., and later moved to Darien with her parents. She began writing after a professor at UConn-Stamford complimented her work and told her to submit it to The New York Times and local newspapers. She has gone on to work for Waldenbooks and Reader’s Digest Children’s Books. She has written more than 170 books, mostly about cats and faith or for children.

Nolan’s next book, a sequel to “Thank You, God,” will be called “Hugs & Kisses, God, From Kids Around the World.” She plans to turn the concept into a series.

She also recently finished a book for tweens called “Whatever: Livin’ the Noble, Pure, Lovely, Totally Excellent Life,” which is meant to help readers add virtue to their lives.

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Just wanted to add that though it focuses on getting kids to be thankful for God's animal kingdom, the even more important focus of my book, THANK YOU, GOD, FROM KIDS AROUND THE WORLD, is to get very young children to come to know and respect different people and cultures.

As such, it takes little readers to different countries where they'll get a chance to see what
their friends in Egypt, Russia, Africa, China and other lands are grateful to the Creator for--things like koala bears, northern lights, windmills, and more.

The book has a secondary impact as well: It can be a jumping off point for parents to interact with their children to find out more about these countries. Knowing about other cultures empowers kids, even at a young age.

Thanks, Main Street Connect, for sharing.