CL&P Seeks 5.9% Increase In Electric Rates In Wilton

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A CL&P lineman reconnects a power line in Norwalk after Hurricane Irene.
A CL&P lineman reconnects a power line in Norwalk after Hurricane Irene. Photo Credit: File

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- Connecticut Light & Power is seeking to raise electricity rates by 5.9 percent, mostly to fix utility poles, wires and other parts of an aging electrical grid, according to the Hartford Courant.

The average customer using 700 kilowatt hours a month would pay $6.76 more in monthly charges, the story said.

CL&P has an operating deficiency of $117 million for capital investments in infrastructure needed to improve reliability and service to customers.

Read the full story here at the Hartford Courant. 

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Comments (8)

This will bode well with higher taxes. No wonder the latest polls are in favor of legal waci tobacco in CT

Just because you troll the Ct sites does not make you a resident.. Also please in your own words tell us what taxes are increasing. Sounds more like same old same old right wing propaganda. mi

Exactly taxes are not increasing.. Those that post otherwise are just posting nonsense.

Actually you are incorrect as usual.

Odd your link does not discuss a tax increase, but in fact tax collection...Tax collection is not a tax increase.
So it seem that Actually you are incorrect as usual.

Too Funny
If queen Robtard actually paid taxes she would understand what the difference was between tax collection and a tax increase.. Queen going forward have someone with above a 3rd grade education read and explain to you.

This is baloney! Higher water rates; higher NG rates; higher electric rates; etc. WHERE IS MY 5.9% INCREASE?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Well, don't forget, YOU work for the government. Serf!