Connecticut Ranks Low In Obesity Study

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The map shows the outcome of the 2011 obesity study performed by the Center for Disease Control. Red denotes more obese states and green are the less obese states. Photo Credit: Center for Disease Control website

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. – It’s official, in 2011, Connecticut’s adults were less obese than adults in 41 of its fellow states, a study from the Center for Disease Control said.

Of the 50 states, Connecticut ranks number nine at 24.5 percent obesity prevalence, compared to the most obese state of Mississippi at 34.9 percent prevalence.  

The other states that ranked low in obesity were, from lowest, Colorado, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey and California.

Mississippi topped as most obese and was followed by Louisiana, West Virginia, Alabama and Michigan. 

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Comments (2)

Broad River:

Only One in Four are Obese in Connecticut? Maybe it means One in Four are morbidly Obese in Connecticut.

evelyn h:

They obviously omitted the politicians that run the state.

why are there so many 'i' s' in the word?

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