Metro-North Service Through Wilton Gets Mixed Report

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An advocacy group for Metro-North passengers in Fairfield County says it gets complaints about other riders' fares not being collected.
An advocacy group for Metro-North passengers in Fairfield County says it gets complaints about other riders' fares not being collected. Photo Credit: File

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. — Crowding on trains and parking at stations remain big problems for Metro-North train service in Fairfield County but riders also seem pleased with the upgraded M-8 cars, according to the Connecticut Rail Commuter Council's annual report.

Of the 400 M-8 cars ordered by Metro-North, 174 are in service, according to the report. 

"The cars are performing well with only minor complaints from riders," the report says. 

The organization also lauded the railroad for adding quiet cars to each train and letting passengers know more quickly about delays and other service problems. Riders can now get information about delays from more places, such as email alerts, Facebook and text messages, the report says. 

While Metro-North expanded service to the stations in Southport, Greens Farms, East Norwalk and Rowayton, more trains are needed on the Danbury branch that also serves Wilton, Ridgefield, Bethel and Redding, according to the report. 

More riders means trains are increasingly crowded even though more cars are in service. Meanwhile, there are five- to eight-year waiting lists for parking permits at some stations in southwestern Connecticut. 

"More must be done to expand parking and access to the trains," the report says. 

The organization also heard complaints that some passengers' fares aren't being collected.

"The council handles dozens of complaints from

riders who see other riders’ tickets go uncollected

on the trains," the report says.

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Comments (6)

Ken. Let me clear up some mis-information for ya. The railroad makes money for not only the State of CT but also the MTA. The ridership on this line has increased over 5% over the last 2 years. There are more people taking the train between Greenwich and New Haven then ever. And BTW, that money goes into the state coffers. Further the inter-state travel on the New Haven Line is growing like gangbusters, so they’re again more money to the state. However, not only do we pay the highest ticket prices in the nation for a commuter railroad we also all have to pay for parking to the individual towns. The City of Norwalk gets $90 a month from over 500 monthly parkers just for the SONO garage. They also get $9 from the daily parkers. The garage is 99% full daily!! So before you jump on the high road of monthly commuters should pay an extra $30.00 a month let me remind you that for the next 3 years there are mandated 5% increases in fares for not only the new M-8's but money for the general fund and NOT repeat NOT for the up-keep of the most used rail corridor in the nation with the most ridership. This line and corridor is the lifeblood of Fairfield County. If it goes to pot and people stop using it to commute then good luck to the rest of the state. And just for an FYI ridership on the New Canaan, Waterbury and Danbury are all up for the last few years. I may work in NYC and if I could get a good paying job in CT I would work here, but my home, kids, and tax dollars are spent here...Anything else I can do for ya?

Personally, I wouldnt mind if people who worked in NYC had to either pay thr $30 or live in the city. The railroad should make the state money if the state needs to be involved, not cost every taxpayer in the state money even if they never use it. This is just one example of why the highest taxed state in America is broke. Just another form of welfare.

These parts crack me up from their report -

When service is cancelled due to bad weather, commuters should be given refunds on tickets they purchased but could not use.


The council handles dozens of complaints from riders who see other riders’ tickets go uncollected on the trains

Monthly pass users pay for less than eleven days of round trip service, the rest of the month they ride for free. They should stop their complaining about the very few times a daily user doesn't get their ticket taken, or they can't use their free fare because of a storm.

Metro North should take away the monthly discounts alltogether so everybody can pay for what they use, and not have the people who can't use a monthly subsidize those who can.

While I respect your right to your opinion- your opinion is simply irresponsibly silly. Monthly commuters should pay $30.00 round trip every day will keep commuters like me who live in NYC, in NYC. CT would lose more revenue than they stand to make by incentivizing more discounts. More discounts encourage more ridership, means more revenue, more jobs, and a significantly reduced carbon footprint.
Just sayin'.


Give me a break. The "very few times" a "daily" rider doesn't get ticket checked? First of all how would you know if the person not checked was a monthly/weekly commuter or a daytripper? Second, the conductor's job is to check all tickets . . . in other words ensure that ALL revenues are collected. They do not do it. Sometimes out of laziness, sometimes due to not wanting to get into a hassle with unruly commuters (e.g., after school kids boarding in Stamford). I can identify certain trains that provide an checked intrastate ride EVERY morning. But I won't because guys such as you would run to it for the "free ride."

The one part the article fails to mention is that our wonderful Gov Malloy is using the money that the railroad generates for the railroad is not going to be used for improvements for the railroad. Instead he is creating a separate tax on commuters only and taking the money for the rest of the state in the general fund. Why are we being penalized here Danny Boy?!!?!? What did we do except commute to a good paying job and come home and spend our hard earned money in this state. This TAX and fare increases over the next few years are totally un-fair and unjustified! How about cut spending first then let's see what happens.