Police Release 911 Call in Wilton Death

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WILTON, Conn. — A 911 call made by a Wilton woman reporting the death of her husband has been released by police. 

Edward Ramsey, 73, was found dead in his 125 Signal Hill Road home Thursday. Ramsey's son, Aaron Ramsey, 22, was charged in the death Friday afternoon. 

The 911 called was placed at 4:24 p.m., Thursday. 

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Comments (13)

I have a huge problem with a local paper playing a recording of a local 911 call like this. Yes, you have the right to post this, that does not make it right. I am deleting your link today. 911 calls are for large heartless news sites not local ones. Goodbye.

I agree with Joe, witherspoon,Ken and steward.... this should be removed. For some reason I actually went to click on the link and then thought to myself... why would I do that? Would I want people to click on the link for a 911 call that I had to make after finding my husband murdered?

That must have been the absolute worst moment in Mrs. Ramsey's life and to have this published is in very poor taste. I would really like to see the Daily respond to the majority of us on here that find this to be in poor taste and tell us why they found this newsworthy to post. The son already confessed; the only mystery is why he did it and I certainly do not see that mystery being solved by hearing this tape.

Tim T

I explained my position with supporting evidence. You would do well to try the same someday - people might take you more seriously. I won't hold my breath though.

As usual you can't think of anything to respond with other than an insult. Will you also be logging in under a different username to agree with yourself?

You are funny

You ramble on but say nothing as usual.

Wikipedia defines "news" as follows:

"News is the communication of selected information on current events which is presented by print, broadcast, Internet, or word of mouth to a third-party or mass audience."

The emphasis on the word "selected" is mine. Arguing that the 911 call was posted because sometimes news isn't pretty ignores the reality that every day journalists and editors have to decide what is newsworthy and what isn't. Lots of events never get covered because there simply isn't time and news outlets are forced to prioritize.

Wikipedia defines "newsworthy" as follows:

"Newsworthiness is defined as a subject having sufficient relevance to the public or a special audience to warrant press attention or coverage."

In my opinion, the audio recording of the 911 call fails to meet any reasonable standard for sufficient relevance. I don't see how it benefits the readership of The Daily Norwalk/Westport/Wilton to hear the call. I do see how it would be extremely distressing to family of the deceased and the perpetrator who just had a recording of one of the most awful moments in their life posted on the Internet for all to hear.

I recognize that the job of a journalist is not easy - there are a lot of grey areas and journalists frequently have to make tough decisions about what and what not to publish. I really appreciate all the local coverage and the forum for public discussion provided by these web sites. However I think in this case the decision to post the audio of the 911 call was an error. The Daily Norwalk provides outstanding coverage of local events. That's why we come here. If we want sensationalism and titillation we can find more than enough on Fox 5 News, the New York tabloids, or the Drudge Report.

I would be interested to hear some thoughts from the editors regarding why the decision was made to post the audio of the 911 call.

They only hear it if they if they click the link. The answer is simple don't click the link

I thought about this on and off today. It should be removed. It is a horrid recording for family and friends to hear.

Its called reporting the news and sometime the news just sucks, but its still the news..The answer is simple if you don't like it don't listen to it. I commend The Daily Westport /Norwalk for reporting the facts unlike that rag thehour, which picks and choose what it reports

To me that is not reporting the news, it is posting evidence, and very personal evidence, and though it is "legal" it is morally unjustified in this case. Shock value? Slimy tactics for a small town insignificant blog.

I agree with Joe and Ken P. How exactly did posting the tape of the 911 call contribute to the public good? In general, I applaud the Daily Norwalk and its sister web sites for bringing us more local news. But this 911 tape is not news, and it has no redeeming value to readers other than to titillate. If we want sensationalism, there are a myriad of other TV and internet outlets to provide us with same. Please don't debase yourselves to the level of Fox 5 News and the New York tabloids - stick to the responsible journalism that the Daily Norwalk already does so well.

I tend to agree with Joe. I think if I were this lady I'd be very upset to have the worst moment in my life out there for the world to be amused by. I think it n very poor taste.

Dear The Daily Westport,
You show extraordinarily poor judgement by releasing this 911. It is a question of what is right versus wrong. One day after a case like this is wrong. You should be ashamed of your sensationalist tactics. Business must be very difficult for you to stoop so low. Please consider a retraction and deletion. We are stunned by your poor judgement. Most sincerely, Joe