Poll: What Do You Think Of CL&P's Response To Sandy?

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Connecticut Light & Power workers clear a road in Darien following Hurricane Sandy.
Connecticut Light & Power workers clear a road in Darien following Hurricane Sandy. Photo Credit: Fred Converse

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. - The Daily Voice would like to hear what you think about Connecticut Light & Power's response to Hurricane Sandy. Do you think it has been better or worse than their response to Hurricane Irene and the October snowstorm last year? Take our poll and share your thoughts in the comments below.


What do you think about Connecticut Light & Power's response to Hurricane Sandy?

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What do you think about Connecticut Light & Power's response to Hurricane Sandy?

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  • Not bad - better than after Snowtober or Hurricane Irene

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Comments (19)

I think they did the best they could all things considered. I am glad FEMA stayed away and hope Brennan did the same. I am certain he would have alienated the working crews

Many of the posters here make good points.

I would bring up an old question, one that I feel needs to be brought up every time these issues arise.

Why is it so cost prohibitive to BURY these electrical lines in areas that are most susceptible to this kind of damage? Is the cost of constantly bringing in contractors from California, Minnesota, Kansas & Quebec (and other places) that much cheaper than being pro-active?

Mayor Moccia and all the civic leaders from southern Connecticut towns and municipalities need to be hammering CL&P management on this. Otherwise we're just seeing higher utility bills, and a "lather, rinse, repeat" approach to public safety.

When CL&P did their own tree trimming, we didn't lose near as many houses during a storm. When they had a lot more of their own lineman and trucks, restoring power started sooner and didn't take as long. The tree trimming contractors they use now skip some of the worst trees because there may be a car parked too close, and don't come back. At least now they insist on new services to be underground from the pole to the house.

While I was without power from Monday evening until Saturday night, I can fully understand what the crews have been facing. Take a ride down the block or just anywhere...there are trees on roads, trees on wires, trees on houses. It is a disaster area. I have never seen such devastation in my lifetime. It's a wonder that some of us even have power now.
How can you fault the mayor of Norwalk for his communication with no cable telephones, no television or Internet. How do you communicate when our usual means of communication were cut. I have an AT&T land line so I received not only communication from Mayor Moccia, but from CL&P and cable regarding the update of their progress. Have the Code Red sent to your cell phone.
CL&P, Cablevision and Dick Moccia...you did the best job you could under the circumstances. Thank you.
My generator is on its way. I will not be caught short again.

CL&P failed to come through yet again. I am a Sturges Ridge Road resident and Sunday their parade of so called crews did an incomplete job. They proceeded to energize the street and while other houses got power back, mine did not. When I called customer service they said I had a tree on a pole and did not close my "ticket." There is no tree on my pole and if there was, and if they were planning to restore Sturges Ridge Road, they should have stayed to complete the restoration. I AM DISGUSTED WITH CL&P and their lack of competency, causing my family to suffer further.

The question is what do I think of CL&P's response ?
The answer is: About what I expected, knowing they OUTSOURCED most of the work to contractors from half way across the country.
OUTSOURCING looked good, on paper, to bean counters in corporate offices. When a major storm hits, OUTSOURCING is proven to be a bad mistake. CL&P has a monopoly and is mostly concerned with profits, not customers. Moccia talks like he is going to straighten them out, but when is going to call the 1.5 million dollar performance bond they posted to guarantee fixing the damage the did removing and replacing cables to Long Island ?

Agree CL & P needs to learn how to distribute their manpower. Wilton Weston and New Canaan still have a high percentage without power.

It would be easier for CL&P to restore and expedite matter if all the property owners clear/trim the trees near the power lines. I haven't seen (yet) a utility pole being cracked from the weather, it's always the trees from the property doing the damage.

The really sad part is that it looks like another storm is on the way and some of the people who just got their power back may be back in the dark before the week is over.

I think they are doing what they can. Its unreasonable to expect a few thousand extra employees to just magically appear after a storm, especially one that effected as broad a region as this one did. If it wewre just us extra crews from area states could help, but thats not the case when those states got whalloped too. I think many people need to look in the mirror to see the people not prepared.

On Monday CL&P said they had an extra 2500 workers coming in. On Wednesday they back pedaled from that number. What most of us would like are some simple answers.

Considering the damage in North Stamford, I think we are lucky to have power back in 5 days

Agree they don't know how to distribute their manpower.

They need a new manager!

We are always the last on because our line only helps 26 homes. It does not matter the size of storm either. It is all about their numbers coming down. Not about rotating to make others feel like they mean something.

Let them explain to our neighbor why we are always last?????

Awaiting for someone's reply. It is now 7 days again!!!

CL&P needs to learn how to distribute their resources once they get them. Anyone looking at their map can tell that the hardest hit area of the CT coast was not the first to see the most crews working. The upper part of the state is almost all clear and the coast still is showing a majority of the outages. You would think that they would have concentrated along the coast first!!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This restoration is going to cost a fortune. So much for trying to keep real estate taxes low.

With Irene we lost power for three days. Today is approaching the 6 day mark. Estimate for restoration is Tuesday @ 11pm. So worse.

The issue was not with CL&P but with the administration of Norwalk.. The lack of communication and coordination is and has been the issue.Once again this mayor has proven that he is not a leader. Its time Norwalk gets rid of these has beens and in many cases never beens..Lets stop hiring and electing the retires that have no clue of the world today.

How is it Norwalks fault that all of the surrounding towns have no power? Alot of the problem lies with people with no clue, thats true, but many of the clueless are the ones wasteing time whining instead of doing something. Id say our older generation likely gets by better without power than the younger loudmouths who think the world will end if they cant get online, watch TV or use the microwave.