Train Delays Continue On Metro-North's New Haven Line

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DANBURY, Conn. -- New Haven Line trains in Fairfield County continue to operate with delays of up to 15 minutes due to weather-related conditions Friday morning, Metro-North announced.

Commuters should listen for announcements at the train stations.

Delays have been reported by Metro-North after train service was disrupted due to a signal failure late Thursday evening. All Metro-North trains were halted for safety reasons for two hours or more during the incident. 

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Comments (3)

Hey That's what you get for 26 million $$$$$$$ And no Bathrooms----Fairfield Metro a look into the future??????

We don't get announcements at the Fairfield station!

We get a) ONLY the "sonar" ping that normally precedes an announcement, or,

b) the ping followed by "Attention at Fairfield" and NOTHING else.

This has been going on for weeks/months.

Appreciate the thought, but delays on metro north hardly qualify as "breaking news" these days…..