Wilton Crews, Trucks Ready For Normal Winter

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Wilton's Department of Public Works is ready for a regular winter this season, so the trucks and other equipment are set to ride once the snow falls, according to department director Tom Thurkettle. Photo Credit: Melvin Mason

WILTON, Conn. – Wilton Public Works Director Tom Thurkettle is expecting winter to be, well, winter again.

As much as he and other Wilton officials would not mind a repeat of last winter, with next to no snow, Thurkettle is banking on having to deal with a regular winter season. Which means having trucks, sand and salt at the ready when the white stuff falls.

“We would like it to be like last winter, but we think we’re going be out more than we were last year,” he said. “So far, we’ve been out twice this year. Last year, we weren’t out at all before January.”

The most recent trips included snowfalls just after Christmas.

Thurkettle said the Department of Public Works ordered salt and sand in August and received it in November to place on trucks to help keep snow-covered roads passable during snowstorms.

“Basically, all of our materials are here,” he said. Plows and sanders were placed on trucks to be ready for the roads.

In the meantime, Thurkettle’s crews have been busy picking up brush and cutting branches that fell from trees during Hurricane Sandy. Town roads are in good shape right now, Thurkettle said, and more than seven miles of road improvements were completed recently. Portions of three more roads – St. John, Collingswood and Pond roads – will be paved in the spring once the weather is clear.

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