Controversial Wilton Fire Chief Candidate Drops Out Of Race

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Wilton firefighter Matthew Marcarelli has withdrawn his name from consideration to become the next chief. Photo Credit: File

WILTON, Conn. -- Matthew Marcarelli, a firefighter who was under consideration to become Wilton's new chief, has withdrawn his name from the list of candidates, according to 

Marcarelli made news in 2009 as part of the "New Haven 20," a group of white firefighters who won $2 million in damages in a state Supreme Court case after results from a 2003 promotion test were thrown out due to poor scores by minorities, reported. 

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There are even bigger issues. There was talk of "consolidating" fire chiefs among our local towns. It is ludicrous that Weston, Wilton, Ridgefield, New Canaan have fully redundant levels of administration to handle a few fires a year. Given the article in the paper last year where the deputy chief basically said he does all the work, and the chief is figurehead who is also the EMD, the time has come. Lets consolidate the two positions into one as a start and save the town 100k with no loss of service. It has worked for the past 6 months, eh? Don't even get me started on the price we pay for equipment that dwarfs that spent by other FD's in less affluent towns.


Time to get a new fire commission. Did you pick this guy out of a hat? Are these the same clowns that allowed a Fire Lieutenant who stole from little old ladies to stay on the payroll?