Man With Assault Rifle Taken Into Custody In Wilton

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Wilton Police found a loaded assault rifle and prescription drugs in a Wilton home on Wednesday following a standoff with a man in a home in the area of Hulda Hill Road. Photo Credit: Wilton Police Department

WILTON, Conn.  – A man who threatened to hurt himself while he was in a home with a loaded assault rifle was taken into custody Wednesday morning after he surrendered to Wilton Police.

Police responded to a home in the area of Hulda Hill Road after receiving information at about 10 a.m. that a distraught man might harm himself. The man sent an acquaintance a photo with an assault rifle, medication and what appeared to be a hand-written will, police said. Police gathered information about the home, the neighborhood and a history of the man and innocent people who might be in danger.

The Southwest Emergency Response Team (SWERT) was activated and officers from Wilton and surrounding departments were called in. Because the incident occurred in a residential area, Wilton officers and SWERT members evacuated several homes and prevented school bus traffic from going through the area. A guest at the home was advised and was able to leave the home, police said.

SWERT negotiators were able to make contact with the man and convinced him to leave the home peacefully, police said. He was then taken into protective custody without incident. Police said officers then entered the home and found a fully loaded AR-15 assault rifle behind the front door. No one else was in the home and no other guns were found.

Police said the man, who was not identified, was taken for treatment and is being held for a psychological examination as required by state law.  Police did not say how long the negotiations took or what prompted the man to threaten to harm himself.

Check with The Wilton Daily Voice for more on this story.

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Comments (7)


Who cares about the gun. THe Headline is WRONG! The headline should include "Unstable person, possible psychological problems, theatens harm to himself." Gun does not even reflect the nature of the problem, yet is used to drum up loonies for gun control when it is a people problem.


Yes, clearly assaultrifle did miss the point. Once again, a gun in the hands of someone with emotional or psychological problems which is not part of the equation in the gun permit process!!!!


Well it's hard to take an article that has a title containing blatant lies seriously.



Wilton guy:

Clearly you missed the point of the article.


If the point was to miss-use terms, then yes they made that very clear. Civilian AR-15s are NOT assault rifles.


Was this AR-15 an assault rifle? Highly doubtful. This gun was most likely not select fire capable. It is most likely a semi-automatic rifle. If I was the author I would do some more fact checking.

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