Norwalk Woman Who Wanted To Free Puppies Seeks To Have Charges Dropped

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Anouk Govil, 23, of Norwalk was charged with third-degree criminal mischief in January.
Anouk Govil, 23, of Norwalk was charged with third-degree criminal mischief in January. Photo Credit: Norwalk Police

NORWALK, Conn. -- A Norwalk woman who said she was trying to "free the puppies" by smashing the window of a Westport Avenue pet store with a rock, applied Thursday for a court program to have the charges eventually dropped, according to The

Anouk Govil, 23, of Eastwood Road, faces one count of third-degree criminal mischief, a misdemeanor. She applied for the accelerated rehabilitation program at Norwalk Superior Court, The Hour said. The program is for first-time offenders of non-serious crimes. If she were accepted and completed the program, the arrest would be removed from her record.

She was arrested early on Jan. 15 when an officer on patrol saw a woman in the parking lot of a Westport Avenue strip mall at about 2:40 a.m. The woman ran when she saw the police car, and the officer followed her to investigate, police said.

Officers found Govil with a rock in her hand and a cut on her hand, according to police reports. The glass front door of Puppies of Westport, a pet shop in the strip mall, had been shattered, police said.

Govil told officers she had “wanted to set the puppies free,” police said.

Read the full story here at The Read about her arrest in January here at the Daily Voice.

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Comments (6)

Why does everyone have to have an opinion of everyone else? People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. None of us are without fault but most of us get to make our stupid decisions or judgement calls out of the public eye. Forgiveness is more of a virtue than patience; we should all practice it a lot more and improve our society morals in a positive ways vs destroying with witch hunts and public hangings. Lets start by removing mug shots from small town newspapers and Internet sites. It would be a start in the right direction at the very least.

Shame the failures NPD doesn't put the same effort into catching the ones responsible for the 100's of shootings and killings of the past 5 years.. All unsolved

My concern was that she was going to "free the puppies" on a very cold night in January. There were only two possibilities: the first would be to let the animals out to go where they would; or to take them home with her. The first scenario would be incredibly cruel and result in death for a number of the defenseless animals. and in either case, it's theft. The only reason she didn't follow through was because the police arrived. I say no plea bargain. She's 23, old enough to know better.

Clearly this was a foolish act with consequences that weren't thought through. I feel that this young woman should be made to pay for all the damages, and perform some community service. Then her record should be cleared of her arrest.
I agree that "adopting not shopping" is the ideal way to bring a dog into your home -- I have my second rescue dog. Also, some puppy mills have been exposed as horrible places. But this young lady needs to learn, and perhaps she is being made an example of, that illegal destruction of someone else's property (maybe even their livelihood) in the name of seeking a better way or expressing one's disagreement with "the system" or law(s) is unacceptable. That would be like me going into a gun shop and trashing the place.
I hope that going forward Ms. Govil can harness her passion to do positive things like volunteer at animal shelters and adoption agencies, share valid information about the evils of puppy mills that still operate, and help promote dog adoption.