Westport Police: Man Who Offered Girl A Ride Was Concerned Resident

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WESTPORT, Conn. — Monday morning’s suspicious incident in which a man in a black vehicle offered a 13-year-old Westport girl a ride to school turned out to be a misunderstanding, police said Monday evening.

The driver of the vehicle sought by police in connection with the incident contacted the police department at 3:45 p.m. and identified himself, Capt. Vincent Penna said. The man explained that he saw the girl standing on the roadway with no umbrella during the snow and rain storm at the time, Penna said.

Concerned, the man said he offered the girl a ride to school and/or shelter in his vehicle until the bus arrived due to the weather conditions, Penna said.

“It was determined that the male was in fact a resident of that area and that there were no criminal intentions to his actions,” Penna said. “The police department would like to thank media outlets and the public for their assistance and the quick resolution to this matter.”

The incident happened at 7:30 a.m. on Apple Tree Trail, where the girl was waiting for her school bus, police said. The investigation into the incident has been closed, police said.

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Comments (7)

Sad fact is if it had been an abduction sitting back & calling police might not be fast enough. Why would people watch this & let him drive away if they thought something bad was going on? At the very least follow the guy.

Oh Kenny
Tell us what you would do???Would you act like a typical right wing nut and run down the road shooting.. It is nuts like you that make us need gun control.

Perfect example of why people won't help anyone.

Hey Mr. Nelson! Please explain where there is Police over reaction? The police were notified by other citizens. What would you have likes them to do? They received the complaint, could not locate the vehicle and the person contacted the police on their own to clear up the confusion. Mr. Nelson, please get a clue.

Police over reaction

Mr. Nelson
You are 100 percent correct