Wilton Police Ticket Driver After Car Hits Fallen Tree

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Wilton Police charged Elizabeth Ambargis, 49, of Wilton, with failing to stop for a road sign. Police said Ambargis passed a road barricade and caution tape before hitting the tree. Photo Credit: Wilton Police Department

WILTON, Conn. - A Wilton woman accused of driving past a road block and caution tape before crashing into a tree was ticketed by Wilton Police for her actions.

Elizabeth Ambargis, 49, of Silver Spring Lane, Wilton, was charged Jan. 31 with failure to obey a road sign.

Police said Ambargis was driving south on Belden Hill Road at about 6:35 a.m. when she drove around a “road closed ahead” barricade near the intersection with Seir Hill Road installed after a recent storm. Police said Ambargis continued driving about three-tenths of a mile and drove through yellow caution tape blocking the road. She later crashed her Honda into a tree that was blocking the road, police said.

Police said Ambargis thought she could make it past the tree, but could not stop in time before the collision. She also drove past a Wilton Department of Public Works employee who was at the roadblock, police said. Ambargis told police that she could not hear him because the volume on her car radio was up. Ambargis was not injured, police said.

Wilton Police Capt. John Lynch said the department has had problems with drivers passing through caution tape and barricades where trees have fallen during major weather events. Lynch said officers and emergency volunteers are usually placed at roadblocks where there are more serious situations, such as downed wires.

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