Candidates Pitch Politics At Wilton's July 4th Ball Game

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State Sen. Toni Boucher (R-Wilton) was decked out in holiday attire for the Wilton Republican-Democrat softball game. Photo Credit: Ken Liebeskind
Democrat Caroline Curry is challenging State Sen. Toni Boucher at the July 4 softball game and the November election. Photo Credit: Ken Liebeskind
Wilton Republicans and Democrats played for the Frivolity Bucket at the July 4 softball game. Photo Credit: Ken Liebeskind

WILTON, Conn. – The Wilton softball game between Republicans and Democrats that was part of the town’s July 4 festivities was more than a game.

State Sen. Toni Boucher (R-Wilton) and her Democratic challenger Caroline Curry were on the sidelines, cheering on their teams and chatting with townspeople.

Boucher said, “I’m here to support our team. They make us proud and they’re a harbinger of the election to come.”

She reiterated her support for job growth in the state, something she said is being jeopardized by tax policies, “which is the single number one reason jobs are leaving the state.”

She also lashed out at the Democratic majority in the legislature. “We need to get more balance, then we’ll get some compromises.” She said the Democrats have “spent more to pay for additional programs. It’s nice to give away benefits when you can afford them.”

Curry, who hasn’t held political office but has worked for department directors in New Haven and Bridgeport praised Boucher’s leadership.  However, she said, “We’re very different from our political upbringing.”

While Boucher criticized the Democratic stronghold, Curry said she would utilize it. “I’ll work with the Democratic majority to bring back resources for the district,” she said.

She also said she’s opposed to educational vouchers because “public education in the 26th district is the best in the state.”

As Boucher and Curry spoke, the local Republican and Democrat softball teams battled for supremacy. They were competing for the Frivolity Bucket, a prize that dates back to 1966.

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