Connecticut Cuts $170 Million In State Spending

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FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. — Local organizations such as Stamford's Palace Theatre have lost some state funding in budget cuts announced Wednesday by Connecticut's budget office. 

The state is facing a $365 million budget shortfall, and Wednesday's cuts total about $170 million, the budget office said in a statement. 

“Many of these cuts are very difficult to make, especially now when so many residents continue to struggle in a tough economy,” Ben Barnes, secretary of Connecticut's Office of Policy Management, in a statement.

“And we should all remember that as difficult as some of these reductions are to make now, there are more, even tougher choices ahead," he said. 

The Palace Theatre stands to lose about $15,000 in state funding. Norwalk's Stepping Stones Museum for Children loses only about $1,700. Click here to see the complete list of cuts. 

The state Legislature's plan to make up the rest of the shortfall is due in December, Barnes said.

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I think some of these cuts are outrageous and should be reconsidered; especially those relating to health and education issues. Why don't you do what companies do - FREEZE salaries, salary cuts, etc. We the People who voted for the government do NOT seem to have a say in this. Why NOT? What recourse do we have to oppose your decisions? "We the People" are the first 3 words of the Constitution, yet we, the people, are always ignored. Yes we voted, but we didn't give you carte blance to make these riduculous decisions!!!!!!!!