Poll: Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, Wilton?

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Will New Canaan voters re-elect Barack Obama or send Mitt Romney to the White House?
Will New Canaan voters re-elect Barack Obama or send Mitt Romney to the White House? Photo Credit: Flickr users marcn and Gage Skidmore

WILTON, Conn. — Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are close in the national polls but who's ahead in Wilton on the eve of the presidential election? Before you cast your ballot Tuesday, vote in our poll.


Who's your pick for president, Wilton?

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Who's your pick for president, Wilton?

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Comments (2)

Obama ignored his promises of transparency, unity, working across the aisle. His administration and he have not been transparent, have used words inciting violence and class warfare (knives, guns, get to the back of the bus, get out of my way, revenge...), dissembled the events of Benghazi where 4 Americans died among so many other incompetencies.

How does a President with any leadership skills not demand proactive practices to protect our citizens before what now is known to have been identified concerns and issues months and weeks before the attack?

Saying afterwards that Obama will find those that murdered Americans is NOT leadership; saying afterwards that no one cares more, is NOT leadership. It is arrogance to say no one cares more. If Obama cared so much, he would have provided leadership and planning ahead of time or in real time. I would am certain that the families of the murdered care far more about their loss. Greeting the families when they meet the coffins is hardly leadership.

Perhaps, Obama should have been attending the Daily Presidential Briefings - he missed 62% this year. What were he and Clinton discussing during their supposed weekly meetings when Sept 11 was in the near future and Ambassador Stevens was requesting help repeatedly?

Ask about the WARN Act where Obama's team told large companies they did not need to abide by the labor law requiring them to notify employees of impending layoffs - the notice would have had to come out a few days ago. AND Obama's administration stated taxpayer dollars would pay for any defense legal fees incurred by these firms.

Ask why they have ignored federal law twice including this month requiring them to disclose environmental and business regulations they will put forward

Voting!&@&?? - my family is freezing in the dark, thank you very much. I need our elected officials to step in get CL-P to do what they are paid to do, their job.

CL&P failed to come through yet again. I am a Sturges Ridge Road resident and Sunday their parade of so called crews did an incomplete job. They proceeded to energize the street and while other houses got power back, mine did not. When I called customer service they said I had a tree on a pole and did not close my "ticket." There is no tree on my pole and if there was, and if they were planning to restore Sturges Ridge Road, they should have stayed to complete the restoration. I AM DISGUSTED WITH CL&P and their lack of competency, causing my family to suffer.

Mr. First Selectman and elected officials, take notice of any fradulent restoration claims being posted as there are residents such my myself whose family is suffering while CL&P happily pastes any restoration numbers on their web page - they do not care and they do not check whether they actually restored power to houses.

Wilton Daily Voice staff, I would be more than happy to speak to you as not only did they fail my residence, but they left pole debris outside my mailbox. So thanks CL&P for nothing but leaving garbage at my mailbox. CL-P, FAIL - you need to be investigated and held accountable.