Public Hearings Start On Medical Marijuana Use In Connecticut

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Medical marijuana has long been a contentious subject, but last year Connecticut passed a law to allow for its use in palliative care. Photo Credit: Wiki Commons User Psychonaught

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. - Less than a year after the Connecticut General Assembly voted to legalize the use of medical marijuana, the state is holding public hearings on proposed legislation for palliative use. 


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The law, "An Act Concerning the Palliative Use of Marijuana," was passed by the state legislature and signed into law May 31, 2012. The law would allow for patients, older than 18 years, currently receiving medical treatment for "debilitating medical conditions" as described in the law, to apply for a temporary registration certificate for the use of medical marijuana.

The hearings began at 10 a.m. Monday at the Capitol Building in Hartford, and the committee will be accepting written testimony through the end of the week. 

For written testimony, you must send an original and 10 copies of the testimony to William M. Rubenstein, Commissioner, Department of Consumer Protection, Room 103, State Office Building, 165 Capitol Ave., Hartford, CT 06106.

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Comments (7)

Ken P Jr:

They should just legalize it for crying out loud. Cant our state ever just back off all the way when somethings proven a non issue instead of trying to regulate one more thing? Wonder how much money we waste each year investigating, arresting, trying & incarcerating pot smokers?

Legalize it & sell/tax it like alcohol, a win for everyone involved except the drug dealers, which is where the real crime & violence associated with it comes from. I never saw a pothead attack anything but a bag of doritos.


Yeah, but just think of all the Wall St banks that will lose big from the money laundering they do for the drug cartels if we legalize pot and or other recreational drugs. .... Gee, I wonder why the poppy fields in Afghanistan are flourishing in spite of the US occupation.

I think it's great that when a big bank gets caught laundering illegal drug money they just pay a fine, .. but when the guy on the street gets caught with an illegal substance in their pocket, ..they go to jail. .... Gotta love Democracy.

Pony Tail Steve:

Not too mention, getting pot from a dealer means there is more chance the dealer will offer the buyer harder drugs. And that is something we want to avoid.


Freaks i say freaks

Pony Tail Steve:

I bet many people are unaware that you need to have a stamp that says you paid taxes on pot??

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