Wilton's First Selectman Proposes 3.74% Increase In Town Budget

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Wilton First Selectman Bill Brennan proposed a budget that would include a 3.74 percent increase.
Wilton First Selectman Bill Brennan proposed a budget that would include a 3.74 percent increase. Photo Credit: Anthony Buzzeo

WILTON, Conn. -- Wilton First Selectman Bill Brennan proposed a 3.74 percent increase in the town's budget for 2014-15 during a meeting on Tuesday, March 25, according to thehour.com. 

The $32.1 million budget would be a $1.16 million increase over the budget for the 2013-14 fiscal year. One of the largest increases is a proposed additional $50,000 to replenish the community's salt and sand supplies after the brutal winter, thehour.com reported. 

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Comments (5)

The numbers in the article don't make sense. They say that much of the operating expense increase is due to a $50,000 additional cost in sand and salt; yet the operating expense budget increased 2% from last year ( about $600,000 on a $30.8 million dollar budget... - how does $50,000 even come close to being 'much of the increase?'

Regarding new equipment like cars - who does the negotiating for those deals for the town?

Are we sure that our investments in buildings and infrastructure are being suitably maintained? It would appear that our $887,000 investment in 2002-3 in new air conditioning and roof work at Miller Driscoll has had real issues. Since there are issues, isn't there a guarantee/warranty that would ameliorate those issues?

Does the town have fiscal representation and decision making authority on the Library Board since the town apparently funds most of its expenses?

Regarding the BOE special ed budget which is subject to greater increases - perhaps now is the time to audit it to determine how the money is being spent and if there are economies in administration that will help achieve better outcomes. Are legal fees exacting more than they should?

Hey Bill, give yourself another raise for raising our taxes. Give yourself another raise for pushing natural gas on us. Give yourself another raise for excellent paper shuffling.

Yes the Republicans are tax and spend..Always have been and always will be.

Tax and spend....