Parents Call For Retesting Of Air At Wilton's Miller-Driscoll School

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WILTON, Conn. -- The Parent-Teacher Association from Miller-Driscoll School in Wilton is asking the town to retest the air quality in the school after a series of complaints from students and teachers, according to 

The request for a new test comes on the heels of the state rejecting a November air quality test for failure to follow official procedures, reported. 

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The more you dig, the more dirt you find.

What is wrong with this guy Brennan? Schools come first, they trump frivolous spending 24/7

Providing "unaudited" numbers to the BoSelectman for a town audit does not equate to auditing the BoEducation budget.

Let's be sure we understand that these words and impressions apparently have been used with different understandings and applications which should not be the case.

Not all maintenance was deferred apparently. But this indicates another major issue. The BoEducation budget needs to be audited by an independent auditor which apparently it has not been: the BOE budget provides unaudited number or numbers to the town for its audit. What does 'audit' or 'auditor' mean?

Why aren't there records for maintenance and use of the supplies and materials purchased? How difficult can it be to create a template, prototype service record log?

How long has this been going on? Why don't the people in charge know and for how long did they not care that no one was apparently keeping and maintaining records?

Who would have been in charge of making certain that the supplies were actually used for their anticipated purposes in the schools? Why weren't questions asked to discover this lapse?

Is this how tax dollars are spent? Buy supplies but don't account for their actual use? Do not keep records of maintenance?

purchase orders or payments for supplies do not equal maintenance.