Video of Shouting Wilton Little League Coach Goes Viral

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WILTON, Conn. – Wilton Little League is facing an embarrassing situation over a video gone viral featuring a Wilton coach as its shouting star.

The coach is seen on the 33-second video arguing with an umpire during a game in Oxford. The umpire elects to end the game. The coach yells at the umpire after the official declares the game a forfeit.  

“You touched me. You stuck your finger in my chest and said I bumped you? You’re insane! Dude, you’re insane!” the coach says.  

The umpire says he’s ending the game because “I’m not going to have this harassment.”

It is unclear what prompted the heated discussion. Calls and emails to Wilton Little League officials on Thursday afternoon went unanswered.

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Comments (4)


I know for a fact that Wilton Little League and all the other sports do a back ground check on all coaches each season. I am sure that they did one this season on both of those coaches.

A back ground check checks for criminal issues and such it does not tell if there has been and issue such what is shown in this 30 second video.

Even if the ump made the worst call ever, these coaches need to show restraint and be an example of how to to to be a good sport and a civil human being. Cliche, but winning isn't everything. I was on a little league team that lost every game one season and it was a blast. We learned how to be good sports from excellent coaches.

These umps get paid beans and they make mistakes just like everyone else. I'm glad my kid isn't on that team because I wouldn't want that coach "sticking up" for my kid. Teach the kids that sometimes life isn't fair and you gotta pick yourself up and dust yourself off.

Not to stick up for a coach that loses control in front of kids BUT!! Sometimes these umpires blow calls and are completely oblivious to what they did. These coaches put in a lot of their own free time and are not being paid for what they do. When a coach spends numerous hours with practice time for the kids,completely putting their lives on hold, I can understand being upset. Doing it on the field and in front of the kids is not right,but sometimes it happens. Now I don't know what happened to set him off or what happened during your regular season game that people have such a bad opinion of the coach but I can understand the frustration.
This is a part of the sports world as it happens in every sport!!
You can't bash a coach for sticking up basicly for one of his kids getting a bad call.

Just my opinion

There are 2 things important to note here.
First, the video does not show the first horrible coach and his horrible behavior which had already led to his been ejected from the game.
Second, both these 2 coaches had a similarly horrible conduct during a regular season game. In fact the 2 coaches sent around an apology email back May 26th from that regular season game horrific incident saying "Believe us when we tell you that scenario will NEVER be played out in front of your children again or anywhere else."
I would want to understand the backgrounds of the coaches involved. How were these people allowed to do this twice to kids? What is wrong with Wilton Baseball? The mistake made - was in letting these people conduct themselves so horribly so many times.
I totally disagree with the defenders of these coaches. You may like them personally - but at a minimum, they are horrible role models for kids, embarrassing and clearly can't even keep their word to keep their terrible behavior under control for even a couple of months.
Embarrassed for Wilton doesn't even begin. We should be ashamed. We knew it- and still sent these coaches out there.
Where are the background checks?