New Canaan Police Reports Say Edie Brickell Slapped Husband Paul Simon

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Recent court documents suggest Paul Simon's wife, Edie Brickell was the aggressor in a domestic violence incident at their New Canaan home.
Recent court documents suggest Paul Simon's wife, Edie Brickell was the aggressor in a domestic violence incident at their New Canaan home. Photo Credit: Greenwich Town Party

NEW CANAAN, Conn. -- Newly released police reports provide greater detail about the incident that led to the arrest of New Canaan's Paul Simon and his wife, Edie Brickell, according to 

The reports from the police allege that Brickell was the aggressor in the incident, and that she slapped Simon and smelled of alcohol when officers responded Saturday to their New Canaan property, reported. 

Police said Simon had called 911 while Brickell was fighting with her mother, who was in town from Texas, said. She then went to a cottage on their property that houses a recording studio and confronted Simon on something "he’d done that broke her heart” before slapping him, said. 

Both were charged with disorderly conduct and appeared Monday in Norwalk Superior Court. Read about their arrest here in the Daily Voice.  

Simon is half of the legendary duo of Simon and Garfunkel that, starting in the 1960s, had hits including "Bridge Over Troubled Water," "Mrs. Robinson," "The Sound of Silence" and "Scarborough Fair." His solo career after breaking up with Garfunkel was equally legendary with hits such as “Still Crazy After All These Years” and “Graceland.”

Brickell only hit single "What I Am," in 1988 came while she fronted the group Edie Brickell & New Bohemians.

The couple has also recorded together during their 22-year marriage. They have three children and have lived in New Canaan since 2002.

Click here to read the full story about the new police reports at The Hour. 

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Comments (14)

Still crazy after all these years

A Police pyschologist and her husband shot each other in Yonkers, Bronxville PO in August and there was no mention of it in the media.

Leave Paul Simon alone.

If they were Democratic politicians nobody would have gotten arrested. They can punch old people in the face no questions asked.

Blaming the cops is kinda silly, its the MEDIA which decides what to sensationalize and make a big deal out of, hence this article.

Cops fight all the time in their own homes which is why they have no ability to use judgement or discretion any more. Sadly, the highest paid police force in the nation come from Fairfield County CT. But that is still not good enough for these C students who would rather make a mockery and exercise their power over the same citizens who are paying their 6!figure grossly overinflated salaries. What if all the rich people moved away? The cops would be groveling and begging for them to return! Why?? For the money honey! That's what it's all about.

I'm not trying to give you any excuse, however if you read the other article it actually states that Simon made the first hang up call, then the mother in law so who knows. And even if it was just the mother in law perhaps she was witnessing something that frightened her enough to call? I agree completely people argue all the time and certainly have the right to do so in their own home, but I also agree that if the cops are called they have to follow up.

They did not call PD. The mother in law did but hang up. Probably too slow. PD traced the call. Probably when the ID showed Paul Simon's house they showed up. I ask who was the complainant? Please do not give me the state law excuse. There was no crime here. Show me a loving couple who never argued and I will show you a couple not in love. The PD was entirely off base. We have rights in our own home. There was no threat here.

Yeah, Queen, but you and Raul just oil each other up and do slap fights while you're still high on poppers after a Village People concert. A lot of screaming, but no harm.

You sound like my type.... Are you black

Just slip out the back, Jack. Make a new plan, Stan....Sorry, couldn't resist. This is a non-event that the media seems very fond of.

Sorry Paul & Brickell. .... I apologize for my fellow man. This is none of our business.

Your kidding me. So now we cannot have an argument with our spouse or drink on our own property without being subject to an arrest. Who was the complainant as the mother-in-law hung up the phone? The NCPD? Is this the thanks our first responder NCPD pays Paul Simon for the money he raised giving a free concert. Come on a bit of discretion here fellas. I still believe some young officers like Milligan who issued me 4 traffic tickets he did not see on hearsay, before the town election for TC, have a problem with jealousy and interpersonal skills. I heard he was involved in this arrest also. Check his past, it is not that stellar. Real Estate agents must be ecstatic as Imus this morning said: "Do not move to New Canaan, the Cops need something to do".

I agree, have the arresting officer(s) ever had an argument? Or are they boring, perfect people? This incident is a disgusting public circus that need not have happened. It should have been dealt with privately. Not a police matter.

Of course you may have an argument with your spouse but when your spouse then calls the cops what do you expect them to do? Not turn up? Would love to see the headlines then. If they wanted it dealt with privately cops should not have been called.

This would not be news if it were not for who they are. When my partner Raul and I have a fight it doesn't make the news.
When we fight we really shake the house as we are both big men.