See Wilton's Weekly Home Sales

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The following are the most recent home sales as reported by the Wilton Town Clerk's Office. Photo Credit: Melvin Mason

WILTON, Conn. – Here’s a list of home sales and property transfers in Wilton from Dec. 21 to Jan. 3 as reported by the Wilton Town Clerk’s office:

▪ Greylock of Wilton LLC sold 127 River Road to Toll CT II Limited Partnership for $4.6 million.

▪ Christopher J. and Alyson Sylvester sold 138 Cedar Road to Michael and Diane Levien for $1.32 million.

▪ Sarah Simmons sold 217 Deer Run Road to Courtney and Whitney Doucette for $772,500.

▪ Christopher J. and Elizabeth A. Deardoff sold 311 Mountain Road to Sandy R. and Kelly N. Bocuzzo for $560,000.

▪ Gerd D. Semmelroggen, estate by executor, sold 144 Heather Lane to Marcin and Agnieska Staszyszyn for $505,000. 

▪ Alan G. and Catherine E. Mencher sold 137 Kellogg Drive to Eva and Chris Barymow for $440,000.

▪ Anna M. Minnich sold 4 Kensett Ave. to Armenio and Celia Queiros for $315,000.

▪ Sylvia S. Callari sold 39 Range Road to Fabrizio Reda and Isabella Iannarilli for $294,600.

▪ Peter Kirby Warren sold 1030 Ridgefield Road (land only) to John H. Porter for $31,450.

▪ Richard and Joanne Smith sold 1042 Ridgefield Road (land only) to John H. Porter for $235.

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