Air, Radon Tests Show Wilton's Miller-Driscoll Meets All State Standards

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An independent study says that air and radon levels meet state and federal standards.
An independent study says that air and radon levels meet state and federal standards. Photo Credit: Alissa Smith, File

WILTON, Conn. -- An independent industrial hygiene firm recently conducted tests at the Miller-Driscoll School at the request of the Wilton Board of Education and found that all air and radon levels meet state standards, according to a statement from the district.

"We take our responsibility for providing safe and healthy learning environments in our schools seriously and are pleased to be able to share this information with the Miller-Driscoll community as well as the entire Wilton community," the district said in the statement.

The school board undertook a second round of testing to address concerns from parents about a review conducted last November by another independent firm, Cardno ATC, which had also shown Miller-Driscoll’s Indoor Air Quality levels met all state and federal standards.

The radon study of ground floor rooms was conducted in accordance with the recommended protocols of both the federal Environmental Protection Agency and the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

TRC Cos. Inc. said in its report to the district that "all radon sampling devices analyzed had results below the EPA/CTDPH recommended guidance level of 4 picocuries per liter (pCi/l) of air, with the highest reading in any room at 1.6 pCi/l," according to a report from the firm. 

In addition to TRC’s finding that radon levels were well below the recommended action levels, TRC concluded indoor air levels met all state and federal guidelines.

TRC's industrial hygienists conducted a full investigation to determine what basic Indoor Air Quality levels existed in 121 locations in Miller-Driscoll. The survey consisted of visual inspections of the spaces coupled with baseline air sampling.

Baseline air sampling results for temperature, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, total particulates and relative humidity all were within recommended guidelines for schools. The microbial analysis results for indoor air samples were all within normal ranges for mold species found in the New England region for the time of year the testing occurred.

According to the Wilton Bulletin, however, some parents remain skeptical about the tests.

The TRC summary report can be found on the Miller-Driscoll website and on the Wilton Public Schools website.

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Comments (3)

Not sure what is going on here. Lowthert should be praised for her challenges to the way Special Ed funds were misallocated by someone in the school. Air quality tests were mysteriously halted earlier in the year and then they offered a large settlement before a PPT. Something is wrong and I hope there is an independent audit.

So, after two complete tests, you still don't believe it? Do you still think Obama is Kenyan too? At least we can take that money back from family that we tried to bribe to cover it up.

If I worked in one of those classrooms, I would go to the hardware store, purchase a test kit, they are cheap, and discretely put it in place on a Friday afternoon. Following the instructions that come with the test, and mail it away with a return address to my home. If the results match this report then I would be relieved. But the way the town has gone about this make me think that I would not be comfortable with their findings.