Wilton Twins Have Track Coaches Doing Double Takes

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Wilton's track teams have five sets of twins this winter. They are (back, left to right) Grant and Colin Hussey; Ryan and Patrick Moore; and Spencer and Travis Taylor. Front, left to right: Grace and Oliva DeLuca and Ali and Ady Fleitz. Photo Credit: Tom Renner

WILTON, Conn. – Five sets of twins on the Wilton High School girls and boys indoor track teams had coaches Jim Gerweck and Jeff Gee doing double takes all winter.

On the boys side, the multiples are seniors Travis and Spencer Taylor, sophomores Colin and Grant Hussey and freshmen Patrick and Ryan Moore. The twins for Gee’s girls team are sophomores Ady and Ali Fleitz and freshmen Grace and Olivia DeLuca.

The coaches and the athletes made the best of it. The twins, especially, are accustomed to being called by their sibling’s name.

“It has happened more times than I can count,’’ Travis said. “You get used to. I actually respond to both.”

Gerweck said he can distinguish the Taylor brothers. “When they were freshmen, it was tough,’’ he said. “Travis got a little taller than Spencer, and he’s still a little bigger and stockier. Over the years it has become easy. The Moores? I have no clue.”

Gee said he can distinguish the Fleitz girls because one wears earrings. But in meets, jewelry is not allowed. “If I want to get their attention, I’ll call them from behind,’’ Gee said. “If they don’t respond, I know it’s the other one.”

Spencer Taylor said he grew accustomed to being call by his brother’s name a long time ago. “Like in the fifth grade,’’ he said. “We definitely looked more alike when we were younger. As we’ve grown up, we’ve both changed a little bit.”

The Taylors have become so used to the confusion that they sometimes respond for one another. “I usually know what he’s going to say any way,’’ Travis said.

The twins have even confused the officials. “They’ll look at us like we’re running five events,’’ Spencer said. “They give us this look as if, ‘What are you doing, you’re going to kill yourself.’’’

When the Taylors were freshmen, Gerweck had T-shirts that labeled them “Frick” and “Frack.” Now, he just needs four more sets of the same shirt to add to the confusion. Or, the athletes could adopt their own uniforms from the Minnesota Twins.

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